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ArtRoom is one of the sections in the WebmasterCorner, and is the invaluable tool for every webmaster! In the ArtRoom you'll find a library of web-based online graphics tools.

Animated Banner Maker
Create custom animated banners via web-based Banner Maker tool! Fully customizable:
  • select animation effect: Alternating Text, Chasing Text, Morphing Text, and Scrolling Text
  • select banner from our library of banner templates
  • add text to banner, and define font type, size, and color
  • define where on banner to place text
  • define animation frame delay rate
Upload GIF images, and the Animator will combine them into a animated GIF image. You can configure the Frame Delay time between frames, and whether to loop X times or infinite times.
ASCII Artist
Convert GIF images to ASCII text format images. Render in either monochrome or colour. In the case of monochrome rendering, you can define font color.
Convert normal text to ASCII text. Over 170 fonts to select from!
Avatar Generator
Create customized avatars for use in message boards. Use your own graphic, or select one from our library of avatar templates. Fully customizable - including the ability to resize the graphic, and add text (where you define font type, size and color). Over 450 fonts to select from!
Banner Maker
Create custom banners via HTML-based Banner Maker tool! Select from over 300 banner templates! You can enter two lines, and choose font colours! Even add shadow effects!
Button Generator
Create custom web buttons. Select from nearly 1200 button templates! Or, use your own graphic. Fully customizable - including the ability to resize the graphic, and add text (where you define font type, size and color). Over 450 fonts to select from!
The Deanimator will deconstruct an animated GIF image you upload. Frames are created in the format that you select (BMP, GIF, JPG, or PNG) - files are ZIPPED for easy downloading.
Drag n Drop Smiley Generator
The Drag n Drop Smiley Generator allows you to create custom smilies by dragging smilie graphic elements together.
Favicon Generator
FAVICON (pronounced fav-eye-con) is short for FAVorites ICON. When you bookmark a website to your favorites, a 16px x 16px icon image is added. That was the idea when Internet Explorer (IE) 5.0 introduced the concept. At that time, IE 5.0 was the only browser that displayed the icon on the users favorites menu and the address bar. Mozilla 1.xx and certain Gecko browsers (Firefox) display favicons too on the bookmarks menu, address bar and the tab heading. Opera 7.5 also displays favicons like IE and Mozilla. This tool allow to create Favicons from your own graphics.
This awesome tool will allow you to frame images! Give your images that professional picture frame look. 30+ frame templates to choose from, with more to be added soon! Images and HTML ZIPPED for easy downloading!
GIF Merge
Gif Merge is a highly advanced application which will allow you to add a background image and text to almost any transparent GIF animation. Just upload the JPG background and any transparent GIF, select a position to position the GIF, and submit for processing. Gif Merge supports non-animated GIFs as well!
GIF Resizer
This cool tool will allow you resize animated GIFs! Change the dimensions of GIFs - make them smaller or bigger, while maintaining the animation fully intact.
Gradient Generator
This cool tool allows you to create color gradient graphics. You can select type gradient (vertical, horizontal, rectangle/box, ellipse, circle, or diamond), start and stop color, images width and height, and image output format (gif, jpg, or png). Great for background or banner graphics!
Image Cropper
The Image Cropper allows you to crop images and save in GIF, JPG, or PNG format. Easy Windows-like GUI that allows you to select area to crop using mouse.
Image Optimizer
Image Optimizer lets you easily optimize GIFs and JPGs. Optimized images load faster, and require less bandwidth. You can define image quality, number colors to use, and whether to use dithering or not. Plus, you can convert from one image type to another.
Image Slicer
Image Slicer lets you slice larger images into smaller images. You can also create cool mouseover effects (optional)! Great tool to create menus. You cannot slice animated GIFs into functional animations, but you can pick which frame you want to slice - tool includes [Animation Deconstructor], which allows you to view the individual animation frames.
Image Tool
Very, very powerful image web-based online image editing tool. Many image editing and special effects tools! Use this tool to edit images created by any of the other ArtRoom tools! You can:
  • Resize images
  • Rotate images
  • Invert / Mirror images
  • Compress images
  • Crop Images
  • Apply any one of a large variety of filters and special effects
Lake Effect Generator
Upload GIF image, and Lake Effect Generator will create an animated effect (identical to effect produce by the famous Lake Effect applet - but compatible with ALL browsers, and no plugins required) - original image is reflected in rippling water under the image.
Marquee Maker
Online, web-based JavaScript generator that lets you build your own HTML+CSS marquees. Fully configurable! Enter text, define font and font color, marquee size, scrolling effect, speed and direction, border style, and looping (loop continuously or XX times).
Design postcards and business cards with this Flash system, then allow your customers to purchase them, preview the cards, edit them later, and various other actions. This is a great way to get your design business off the ground quickly! This business card and postcard designer sports over a dozen design options, including alignment, color, text decoration, shapes, embedded images, and many more. Few design wizards exist with such a large array of design options. PDF Preview of the e-card allows users to see the front and back of the business card or postcard (front is the first page of the PDF document, back is the second page). PROOF text ensures that your design is protected. Change the z-order of objects on the design interface. Options include send to front, send to back, send backward (one level only), send forward (one level only). Zoom in or out using the zoom combo box, and change the background color of the design wizard. The dotted line around the image is the bounding box, which makes it easier for users to ensure a consistent margin around their business card or postcard design. Change the dimensions, horizontal or vertical layout, width and height using the controls in the bottom left corner. Over a dozen custom fonts to choose from. Image gallery feature allows you to easily browse the available images. These images can be used as embedded images or as background images. Advanced gallery editor makes it easy to add more images, change images, delete images, and also manage your image categories.
No Spam
This service will convert a text-based Email Address to a graphic-based Email Address. You can then download the graphic and upload to your dedicated server. This will allow you to post your Email Address on your website or as your forum signature (on your site or other sites) without worrying about email robot harvesters capturing your Email Address for spamming purposes. Fully customizable - including the ability to select foreground / background color, font type and size, and image type (GIF / JPG / PNG).
Rounded Corners Generator
Create stylish tables with colorful rounded corners. Images and HTML (along with embedded Stylesheet code) ZIPPED for easy downloading!
Sign Maker
Create COOL custom signs for your website, forum signatures, etc via web-based Sign Maker tool. Select from over dozens of templates! You can enter 1-4 lines, and adjust font type, font colour, font size, text position, degree rotation, and image size.
Smiley Generator
Create custom smileys, for general usage or for use in your message board, emails, etc. Enormous number of templates (bodies, eyes, mouths, and extras) that allows you to create a huge number of smiley looks! Fully configurable - including the ability to select from 100s of templates, and control the orientation of the different graphical elements.
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