About Us

Webmastify was founded by two dot com entrepreneurs. One (American) who started up a successful web hosting company which he ran for over 20 years. The other (Canadian) started up a succesful web development company in 1997 which continues today. We had a goal to fill a hole: comprehensive web app hosting. These sort of hosts have existed for many years, but they always focused on a select few apps like WordPress. We, on the hand, have taken this futher. We provide app web hosting for 442 apps in 26 categories! With our hardened and honed skills in web hosting and web app development, we built the perfect economical web hosting platform to host your dream app and build your dream website. We are still in development, but expect to be accepting hosting clients very soon.


: to make a webmaster
// We will webmastify you, allowing you to create your web presence.