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mySQL ToolBox is the perfect tool to manage your mySQL database:

  • Repair/Optimize. Repair and/or optimize mySQL database tables: compile a list of tables in the database, and allow you to select which database(s) to repair and/or optimize. Repairing will repair corrupt tables - corrupt tables can result in the loss of data, mySQL errors, and even failure of mySQL server (which on some websites, that rely heavily on accessing mySQL, can result in site-wide issues). Optimizing will defragment fragmented databases tables - fragmented tables take up more disk space on web server hard drive, and reduce mySQL query performance and select query response time. This tool will ensure that your mySQL database is operating optimally.
  • Search/Replace. Search selected mySQL database tables to find string, with option to replace with another string. Allows you do what normally could take up to hours to do when done manually via an app like phpMyAdmin.
  • Backup. Backup all your databases. Critical in case your mySQL server crashes, and you lose data. In such an eventuality, you can restore your database from backup.

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