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SiteMap Demo

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SiteMap script compiles a site map of your website. The results are output to a HTML page, which you can customize, and then link to. Why use a site map? Site maps serve two(2) important purposes:

  1. Guide for surfers to more easily explore your website
  2. Guide for search engine robots to more easily spider your website, and in greater depth
Features include the following:

  • Ability to define which directories are allowed to be transversed
  • Ability to define which file types are allowed for inclusion
  • Ability to define which field (URL or Title) to sort on, and whether sort ascending or descending
  • Option to select whether results are displayed on one page or multiple pages - and in the case of multiple pages, a navigation bar is displayed which you can configure to either (1) break pages down to XX number listings per page, or (2) break down pages alphanumerically
  • Fully customizable in terms of HTML layout
  • SiteMap fully paginated and easy to navigate.
  • Complete user-friendly error handling

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