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Search_and_Replace is a web-based tool that allows you to search and replace any text in files on your server. Or, you can just conduct a search without replacing. Got 1000s of HTML files on your server that contain text like an affiliate link code that you need to replace? Then Search_and_Replace is the tool for you! Save yourself hours or even days of manually editing 100s or 1000s of files (HTML, PHP, etc.). Do one directory, one directory and all nested subdirectories, one entire site, or even an entire server! Features include the following:

  • Path option - you decide starting directory to search - or use default, which is directory that the script is installed
  • Case-Sensitive Search option - case sensitive / insensitive search / replace
  • Recursive Search option - search only one directory, or include all nested subdirectories
  • Backup option - enable to create backups of modified files
  • Extensions option - you decide which files types to search - select from list, or enter custom file types
  • Supports both alphanumerical and special characters
  • Full results reporting, including showing all files found - reporting successes and failures
  • Full error handling and reporting
  • Fast and easy installation - just FTP upload one file (sr.php) to server
  • Fast and easy usage via web-based PHP script


Check markUnix or related server running Apache
Check markPHP 4.3+
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