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ToolBox is one of the sections in the WebmasterCorner, and is the invaluable tool for every webmaster! In the ToolBox you'll find a library of web-based online tools to help the webmaster promote and manage their website.

Domain Scout
Query the InterNIC database for quality domain names.
Doorway Generator
Create the vital doorway pages for the search engines to spider - maximize your search engine ranking! This is what many of the top ranked sites do!
Google SiteMapper
Powerful tool that generates Google Sitemaps from remote servers.
htaccess Generator
Create .htaccess files to limit or restrict access to site, or specific directories. Use this service to password protect a directory, limit access from specified URLs, deny access to certain IPs or hosts, etc.
HTML Encryptyer
Encrypt HTML so surfers or your competition will find it difficult to view the HTML source code. Great way to protect your site from your competition stealing your source code in order to rank higher in the search engines!
HTTP Spider
Find HTTP details about your server, or another server associated with a webhosting account. Even use this service to view the hidden HTML source code of other sites like your competition, or sites that auto-redirect and thereby making it impossible to view the original HTML.
Link Checker
Allows you to validate links on your site. Just enter a URL, and let the software spider the URL and check links. Detailed HTML summary report of link validation status produced. Powerful tool!
Meta Tag Analyzer
Assess your meta tags to ensure they are acceptable and maximized for an effective promotion and search engine optimization - maximize your search engine ranking!
Meta Tag Generator
Generate the critical meta tags necessary for most search engines to index your website - maximize your search engine ranking!
Popup Generator
Another fantastic web-based online tool to create popups. All sorts of popups, and you have full control over the type of popup you'd like. Popup window size, and characteristics (Tool Bars, Scroll Bars, Location Bar, etc.). Also control how the popup is opened - automatically, via link or button. And decide if you want a pop-over (popup in front) or pop-under (popup in back).
URL Revealer
Received a spam email, but the email URL hyperlink appears encrypted or encoded? Then this is the tool to discover the true URL. Great way to expose the spammers, and report them!
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