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Use this feature to determine if a particular domain name exists and is available. Why? If you are running a commercial or an organization website (or even a personal website in some cases), you may want to consider registering a domain - e.g., www.mysite.com. Reasons are:

1. Domains are usually easier and more effectively promoted with the search engines. This can make or break a website!

2. Surfers are more likely to remember www.mysite.com than www.freeserver.com/village/~jsmith. This helps bring and maintain traffic to your website. Also critical!

3. If you ever change change servers, the address (URL - e.g., www.jsmith.com) remains the same. However, if you change servers without a domain (e.g., www.freeserver.com/village/~jsmith to www.lowcosthosting.com/users/forum/234534), you stand to lose traffic from surfers unable to locate (especially with a hard-to-remember URL) your new site. Plus, all your search engine submissions would be wasted as you have to resubmit the new URL. Months of labour gone to waste. Months of extra time for your competitors to out-rank you in the search engines. This can be catastrophic!

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