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Doorway pages are webpages with links to your main website(s). Doorway pages serve to drive more traffic to your site, and to enhance your site's popularity which in turn can increase your search engine ranking and hence, also increase traffic to your site. Using this tool, you can generate doorway pages which you then upload to other domains, and/or free hosting accounts - which serve to drive traffic to your main website. You could make a different page for each domain and/or free hosting account. We recommend you target a narrow set of search phrases and words on each different page. Even make each page unique, using a wide variety of text and graphics that suits your site's look.

  • Include [Link] to your main website homepage
  • Only use a few [Keywords] per doorway page
  • Repeat [Keywords] in the [Title] and [Description]
  • Name doorway page after [Keywords]

For example:

Doorway Page One

Title: ACME Security Alarms
Description: Residential security and commercial security alarms and security systems for ultimate security
Keywords: security,alarms

Doorway Page Two

Title: ACME Safety Alarms
Description: Residential safety and commercial safety alarms and safety systems for ultimate safety
Keywords: safety,alarms