Is TrafficBuilder Black Hat?

NO! TrafficBuilder is pure "White Hat", and NOT "Black Hat". Nothing sneaky, illegal, or shady. Completely honest and above board. The method is not in violation to Facebook's policies and terms. The method is also allowed by Google AdSense policies.

How does TrafficBuilder work?

What follows is a description of how TrafficBuilder :: Facebook Version works. There are three(3) TrafficBuilder scripts:

1. config.php. This script is the one script you edit. It contains the configuration settings for TrafficBuilder.

2. tbs_facebook.php. This script fetches content (postings) from the database table, facebook. One random posting is pulled from the database, and posted to your Facebook account: posted as posting and URL. You or your web host need to create a cron job on the server to automatically run tbs_facebook.php every xx minutes. We recommend every 15 minutes. Increase the time if you have few postings in the database, so you are not seen as reposting the same postings over and over - otherwise, you may lose friends, and friends are required to make this work.

3. redirect.php. This script redirects surfers to a framed page. Top frame is your site content which by default has two(2) buttons: Return to return back your site, and Remove Frame to show only bottom frame which displays the post URL. You can edit this by editing the templates/top-frame.tpl template file. For example, add or replace with Google AdSense or sponsor ads.The top frame is the key to how this works: it keeps the surfer connected to your site while he/she views the offsite posting URL.

So, one of your friends or a friend of one of your friends sees your posting. They then click on the link in the posting, and are redirected to redirect.php on your server. The redirect.php script shows the results framed: your site in top frame and the other site in the bottom frame.

For this to work, you, of course, require a Facebook account. Easy enough. Then you need Facebook friends. This is not so difficult, but it takes time. You need to friend people like you. People and their friends are most likely to take interest in your website and the content it offers, and your postings. So, at the same time to maximize that your friends and others will friend you, you need to post. Posting content that will interest them. Here is what we recommend. In one browser window, open phpMyAdmin app, pointing at the 'facebook' table. In another browser window, open Google. Start searching for content (news stories, articles, blog entries, images, websites, etc.). When you find something interesting, enter something for posting (e.g., copy and paste from page) into database, and also enter URL into database for entry. Posting will be posted along with URL: URL will be passed to redirect.php (to display in bottom frame).

How many posts? More the better. At least 100 when you start. Should only take 1-2 days. Once done, you can now setup a cron job to run tbs_facebook.php. You could stop there, and let the app do all the work. However, he highly recommend that you make it a routine to add a few every day. This keeps the posts fresh and it virtually ensures that the content never appears to repeat - which is a sign of an automated process which can turn off some people from following you and/or liking or replying to your posts and/or clicking on URLs in your posts. And, to make it look natural, reply to and like your posts by your friends.

Note: All posts are followed by 2nd post: This Facebook post brought to you by TrafficBuilder:
Not much to ask for given that this app is free: free to download and use, and includes free technical support.

Does TrafficBuilder really work?



Check markPHP
Check markmySQL and access to mySQL app like phpMyAdmin (FREE app available on the web)
Check markFacebook account (FREE)
You require Facebook friends. More friends you have (especially if those friends have many friends), the greater the traffic potential.
Check markBitly account (FREE)
Check markAbility (of you or web host) to create cron job